7 “Lucky” Ways to Think Green for Spring

Posted by on March 16, 2009

Home plant


From a full room re-do to an inexpensive plant, bringing more green into your life is a snap!


Although the color green is associated with St. Patrick’s Day, it can be a wonderful addition to your home all year long. Green is known for a calming effect, reminding us of nature and the joy of being outside on a beautiful day. It represents tranquility, good luck, wealth and health.

Green can improve reading ability and eyesight, so try it in a library or child’s room. It can relieve stress and promote tranquility, which sounds like a perfect solution for a master bathroom. Ever wonder why spas are so often decorated in shades of green?

Green earth tone and floral print interior decoration plan
If the emerald or Kelly green of St. Pat’s is too bold for you, try a more soothing shade such as sage or jade. Since green lies between yellow and blue on the color wheel, a variety of shades are available from warmer yellow-greens to deep, rich blue-green. (Photo © monamakela.com / fotolia.com)

It’s always a popular decorating color so if you find yourself wanting to “spruce” up a room this spring, think green! Here are some easy and economical ways to do it:

Spring 2010 016

1.  Go through your Christmas accessories and see if anything can be repurposed. Table runners, votive cups, vases, glassware … instead of packing it all away, keep out a few pieces for the spring and summer. You might be amazed that mixing a “Christmas” green votive cup with yellows and blues instead of red will look totally different. (These green votive cups from Crate and Barrel were from their Christmas line a few years ago.) Avoid things with obvious Christmas decorations.

2.  Mix in a few fluffy pale green towels in the bathroom.


green plant

3.  Add a fresh plant to any room. Be sure to ready the sun preferences on the information spike in the plant. If, like me, you have trouble keeping houseplants alive, invest in an Aquaglobe. I’ve had much success with these marvelous inventions. In a pinch, use a good silk plant.

Pillows on bed

4.  Pop a couple of green pillows on a neutral sofa or bed to liven it up for spring. Add a coordinating lightweight throw to keep you warm all year long.

5.  Wash and save green jars and bottles. Display them in a window and fill with Gerber daisies.

6. Paint a feature wall. Green goes so well with many colors, so why not add it to any room of the house? Be sure to get swatches from the paint store and tape those up; look at them in a variety of light. In my experience, green has the most tendency to change dramatically from the paint chip in the store to the wall in the house, so when you’ve narrowed your choices to two or three, buy a small sample pot and paint a test swatch.

7. Create an art display. Purchase four 8×10 canvases and four coordinating shades of green craft paint. Paint each canvas a different color with two good coats and allow to dry thoroughly. Then paint an image or geometric shape in one of the other colors, so each canvas uses two colors. Try a fern stencil and repeat the image on each canvas using a different color on each one. Each will be unique yet coordinate well together. Hang in a row on a long wall or two by two in a smaller space.

With one or more of these easy fixes, your neighbors and friends will no doubt be green with envy!