Say what you want … for now

Posted by on October 14, 2009


Painting inspirational quotes on your wall is a great decorating idea for nearly every room in the house.

But what if you want a more temporary solution to say “Boo” or “Give Thanks” or “Noel” this season?

Here’s a trick! Paint lightweight wood letters (available at craft stores) with acrylic craft paint in a hue of your choice. Allow to dry. For extra dimension, dry brush on a metallic paint: dip a bristle brush into metallic craft paint then dab off nearly all the paint onto a paper towel; drag the brush lightly over the painted letters.

Apply a piece of painter’s tape to the wall to make a level guideline where you want to place the letters. Following the directions on the package, attach a 3M Command® picture hanging strip (size small) to the back of each letter; I cut the strips in half lengthwise to fit on the back of the letters. Attach the letters to the wall.  The letters will appear to be floating on the wall.

When the season is over, remove the letters without any damage to the wall.