How to Make Twig Votives

Posted by on November 9, 2010

Candles are such a great addition to your home any time of year, but particularly at the holidays. Some of the most versatile candle holders I have are simple glass votives. They’re about 3 inches high with straight sides, just large enough to hold a votive candle or a tea light. The best part about them: they can be temporarily embellished for any holiday in a variety of ways. By having a set of these simple votives that I can recycle season after season, I can cut down on expenses (a few craft supplies are infinitely cheaper than buying new candle holders every season) and on storage space (one set of candle holders takes less space than 4 or 5).

For a rustic Thanksgiving look, try this simple method to embellish any glass candleholder. For safety, use a tea light candle and make sure to keep the flame away from the twigs.Supplies:

– Glass votive cups

– Twigs from a tree or sturdy shrub

– Heavy craft paper

– Double-sided tape

– Hot glue

– Hemp twine1

. Go outside and look for any twigs that have fallen on the ground. If needed, look for dead or low-lying small branches in the trees in your yard. Gather the twigs and cut to the approximate height of your candle cups. (Hint: Use pruning shears or a small hack saw for a clean cut.) You’ll need a lot of twig pieces! For the small votive holder shown, I used about 40 pieces.

2. Measure around the candle holder and add one inch (for overlap). Transfer that measurement to the craft paper and cut a one-inch wide strip to length. I used a leftover piece of scrapbooking paper, but you could also use artist paper, cardstock or even grosgrain ribbon.

3. Attach the strip of paper to the candle cup with the double-sided tape. Use hot glue to secure the overlapping piece to the paper.

4. Using hot glue, attach the twigs to the candle cup, securing the twig to the paper strip. (This makes the embellishment completely removable and reusable by simple removing the strip.) Make the first layer of twigs out of thicker pieces and layer on slimmer pieces to achieve a full look. Keep the bottom of the twigs even with the bottom of the votive cup. If desired, trim the tops of the twigs when you’re finished.

5. Wrap the finished piece several times with the hemp twine and tie in a bow.

Tip: Use this technique to embellish inexpensive charger plates by gluing twig pieces along the border of the charger.