Champagne “Toast” Charms

Posted by on December 30, 2011

Raising a glass and offering a toast – in honor of a person or of an occasion, or as a general wishing of goodwill – has become a tradition during celebrations and ceremonies. New Year’s Eve is no exception and is one of the most “toasted” occasions.

The ritual of toasting involves saying a few well-chosen words, clinking glasses together and drinking, usually (but not always) an alcoholic beverage.Clinking glasses is said to have its origins in the Middle Ages, when poison was widely used to off one’s enemies. Although scientifically unproven, legend has it that clinking glasses would slosh some poison back into the poisoner’s glass and thus was seen as a measure of safety. The term “toast” evolved from the habit of putting a piece of charred bread in the bottom of the mug to help flavor the wine.By the 1800s, the toast was a tradition during formal meals, and the first toast always went to the guest of honor.

Keeping the tradition of toasting alive, this easy and fun project serves multiple purposes during your New Year’s celebration. These toast tags are ice breakers – what a better way for guests to say hello to each other than with well wishes – and they’re also wine charms so everyone can keep track of his or her glass.

You’ll need:

• Black card stock

• White paper

• Double-sided tape

• Curling ribbon

• Hole punch

Cut card stock into uniform pieces, about 1 ½ x 1 ¼ inches. I used a tag-shaped punch, but any shape will do. Using a word processing program, type up your toasts of choice. Use the suggestions below or create your own. (Hint: Use the table function of the word processing program to ensure that the messages are uniform in size. I set my width to 1 ¼ inches and height to 1 inch. Print; cut out the messages. (Use the table grid lines as a guide.) If desired, trim the edges with decorative shears. Apply a message to a piece of the card stock with double-sided tape. Decorate with self-adhesive rhinestones if desired. Punch a hole at top of the card stock and tie the toast onto the stem of each flute with pretty curling ribbon.

Here are some suggested toasts:

Here’s to good intentions … and better actions!

May the future be pleasant, the past a bright dream, and our friends remain faithful and dear.

May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.

In the New Year, may every today be happier than yesterday!

May the most you wish for be the least you get!

To happy times … may they come often and stay long!

Love to one, friendship to many, and good will to all.

May the friends of our youth be the companions of our old age.

Cheers to you, cheers to me, have a Happy New Year’s Eve!

To prosperity … and the wisdom to use it well!