The Referral Gift

Posted by on March 4, 2012

Anyone who owns or runs a business knows that word-of-mouth (whether good or bad) is the most persuasive form of marketing. If you are in a service business, then get in the habit of sending a token thank you gift for referrals from other customers or colleagues.

For example, there is an employment attorney I know to whom I’ve referred friends in the past. Whether the referral becomes a paying customer or not, that attorney sends me a thank you card and $5 Starbucks gift card each and every time. Not only am I going to remember that attorney, I’m going to keep referring people to her. By acknowledging even the smallest act, she lets me know that she appreciates me and that tells me that she appreciates her clients as well.

To get into this habit, keep a stash of gift cards and thank you cards or company note cards in your desk. When the referral comes in, take a few moments to recognize the referral source or add the source’s contact information to an online card and gift service and have the service send the card for you.