Halloween Cocktails Made Easy

Posted by on October 20, 2012

If you’re having a Halloween bash this year, streamline your beverage menu to one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic option. For example, you could mix up an easy punch with equal parts pineapple juice and sparkling apple cider with a splash of a flavored syrup. Raspberry syrup would impart a nice blood-red quality! I used to be a fan of punch bowls (I own 3!), but I now prefer beverage dispensers with easy-pour spouts. They are so inexpensive and widely available – and less messy than ladling out of a punch bowl.

For the alcoholic beverage, look a pre-mixed mimosa. I found the Mionetto Il Spritz at World Market (about $14). It’s a semi-sparkling white wine with natural citrus flavors. Other brands have their own varieties; have fun taste testing before your party and pick the winner for you and your family and friends.

Once you’ve picked your poison, serve it chilled in custom stemless glasses. (Glasses, $1.99 each at World Market; decals $10 for 12 at www.dalidecals.com)

Another tricked I’ve picked up over the years is to line the serving trays with a bar towel or napkins to avoid stains or chemical reactions with the tray. For Halloween, simply line your trays with black cardstock. Write the name of the drink directly on the cardstock with a white pencil. This idea would also work with appetizers!

Happy Halloween!