10 Halloween Bathroom Updates Under $10 Each

Posted by on October 25, 2012

This year I wanted to bring some Halloween style to my powder room, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money–redoing the room earlier in the year ate up plenty of my house budget!

I was inspired by some black and white floral gift wrap that I had leftover from an event. That plus a similarly-patterned votive holder were the foundation of this transformation. Everything is budget-friendly and easy enough for even the un-craftiest home decorator. I used these ideas in the bathroom, but many of them translate easily into others areas of the home.

1. Stash existing artwork and replace it with BOO plaques ($9.50 each). See below for instructions.

2. Change out candles for an orange hue – about $1 each. Use existing candle holders or update plain votive holders with ribbon or scrapbook paper.

3. Change the rug for a black bath rug such as the Room Essentials 20″x3″ rug ($9.99) from Target.

4. Swap the everyday photo to a graveyard pic from vacation – free! (Yes, I like to visit old cemeteries.)

5. Spray paint a shapely bottle with black spray paint (about $7 at home improvement centers) to use as a vase. I used a salad dressing bottle, emptied and washed of course, and Krylon Fusion® spray paint in gloss black.

6. Add orange lilies ($1.50 per stem) to the new vase!

7.  Embellish the mirror with glittery adhesive flourishes ($4.99 for a pack of 30) from Michaels craft store.

8. Trade out the hand towel for a black or Halloween embellished hand towel ($5 to $12) from retailers like Target, Home Goods, or Kohls.

9. Cover existing soap and lotion dispensers with black card stock (secured with double-sided tape) and a sticker with a Halloween-themed new name like “Claw Cleaner” and “Hand Potion.” (2.5 inch round vellum printable labels, $5.95 for 60 at www.paper-source.com)

10. Add black and white printed guest towels (about $5), found at retailers such as Party City and Bed, Bath and Beyond.  

To make the BOO plaques

Remove the backing, mat and glass from an inexpensive black frame (about $4). Wrap the backing with black and white printed gift wrapping paper, securing with tape. Place the backing into the frame (save the mat and glass for later). Paint a pre-primed letter ($3 each at craft stores) with two or three coats of orange craft paint and allow to dry. Glue the letter to the plaque with hot glue. Embellish with a rhinestone flourish ($1 each) if desired.

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