17 Shades of Green

Posted by on March 7, 2013

Every March my thoughts turn to green in all its glorious shades: emerald, kelly, lime, mint, olive, sage and everything in between.

Driven by the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and the approach of spring, green is the perfect color to bring into your home this month. Green is an important color in nearly every culture and religion and generally has positive meanings. In feng shui, green denotes renewal, new beginnings and fresh energy. It’s the color of peace, happiness and prosperity. And since green is most often associated with nature, it is psychologically very calming.

Adding green can be a just a touch: a painted cabinet in the hall, a tray on the coffee table, or a bowl of Granny Smith apples on the counter. Or, go bold and paint a wall (or two!) a deep, saturated shade, or hang green drapes. I created a board on Pinterest in honor of the classic, calming color: “17 Shades of Green” to give you some ideas. Click here to view it and share it on your own boards.

Green plays off of nearly every other color, it’s just a matter of finding a shade that compliments your existing décor. It’s important to experiment. For example, say you want green pillows for the sofa in the family room. You’re in a shop and there are a couple of options, but you’re just not sure which green would be best. I buy one of each, confirm the store’s return/exchange policy, take them home and pick the one that suits the sofa and the room. If you have time to return the options that didn’t work, great! But, most people don’t have time the same day. In that instance, be sure to put the receipt in the bag with the pillows you’re returning and place the bag in the car. Make a note in your day planner to return the pillows when you’re near the store again.