Creating a Signature Wrap

Posted by on August 27, 2013

One Wrap Many Moods


One of the Top 10 Tips for Stress-Free Gift Giving that I talk about in Gift Giving for Busy People is to create what I call a “signature wrap.” No, it doesn’t involve a flatbread and some yummy fillings (sorry, I guess I’m hungry) … what it does involve is keeping one simple style of wrapping paper on hand to wrap all the gifts you give. Then, that one paper may be embellished to suit the occasion.

Creating a signature wrap simplifies gift giving; it means you’re not scrounging for paper or spending time deciding on how to wrap a gift. It’s also much less to store; the roll of paper takes very little space in a closet, and a simple plastic shoebox can store enough ribbon to create a variety of looks.

So have fun with it! Choose whatever wrap you like, just make sure it’s plain enough to be a backdrop for a variety of embellishments, but interesting enough so the recipient knows it’s from you! Hallmark stores and The Container Store both have great varieties of roll wrap. (Click the store name for a store locator.)

Happy gifting!