5 Tips to Restyle Your Halloween Home

Posted by on October 11, 2013

Do you remember reading the “Mini Page” in your local newspaper when you were a kid? There was always a puzzle where you had to find hidden items, like a beehive or a wooden spoon or a sailboat, in a seemingly straightforward drawing.

Well, this post is kind of like that, only I’m going to give you the answers! These photos are of an identical area in my home where I display a vignette. Most days, it looks like the photo on the left. But, this is prime real estate in the family room, so come the holidays I change up the vignette to reflect a more seasonal look. The photo on the right is how that area looks today. Can you spot the differences?

Liquor collage 3

Here’s what I did — and what you can do in your own home to give any tabletop, sideboard, shelf, or any place else a new look and a new life for the season.


1. Change the artwork.

In the everyday scene, a drawing by my oldest brother fits the space nicely. For Halloween, I used a printed canvas that I purchased a few years ago from Grandin Road (www.grandinroad.com). Clearly, it’s not as large as the everyday artwork, so I filled in the space with BOO letters that I made. I’ve used these items in combination with each other for a few years in different part of the house, but this feels like the perfect spot.

2. Change the textiles.

Switching up any fabric element such as pillows, draperies, area rugs, or towels is an easy way to update any space with a seasonal look. Here, swapping the cream colored runner with an orange one adds just the right punch of color in this vignette.


3. Cover up.

I love using books as risers to change the height of a display. In the everyday look, the variety of colors in the book bindings is perfect, but the books felt a little busy and clashy with the seasonal look. So, I simply covered the books with brown kraft paper for neutral appeal. (You could also use brown paper bags for this project.)


4. Swap accessories.

I’ve been collecting and creating Halloween accessories for years now, and this is key to any seasonal decorating. You don’t need to buy or make things all at once! Add to your collection as time and budget allow. Soon you’ll have a lot of accessories to choose from when putting together your holiday looks. I like to lay out all of the accessories on the kitchen island and see what groupings natural emerge based on a texture, color and material. For this Halloween look, the unifying elements are black metals paired with neutrals. I used an iron crow from Pottery Barn’s Halloween collection a couple years ago with some Party Lite candle holders. Next I layered in a couple of candle crafts from my Raven collection.

5. Add multiple points of light.

To me, every holiday display should have at least three (but preferably more!) points of light – either real or LED candles and/or electric light. Most of the accessories in this Halloween look are already candles, but I added a couple more to give the vignette more light. Two orange glass tealight holders from Cost Plus World Market (www.worldmarket.com) that are used on the patio in the summer seemed like the perfect accent to this collection.

Following these five simple steps no matter what the holiday or season will always give you a new look using what you already have.