How to Embellish a Valance for Halloween

Posted by on October 11, 2013

If you haven’t guessed it, I love decorating for holidays. I mean, re-doing entire rooms for a holiday. Bathrooms are particularly easy to makeover seasonally; they’re generally smaller, with fewer accessories and furnishings. So I endeavor to re-do the powder room and the hall guest bath for the holidays.

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A few years ago I purchased two simple black valances at Target to use in the guest bath at Halloween with a black and white shower curtain. I knew I wanted to embellish the valances, but kept putting it off, thinking it “had” to have a contrasting fabric trim or something. Then I decided to simplify the project, while still achieving a very Halloween look using simple grosgrain ribbon ($3 a spool) and orange rick rack that I found on sale for 10 cents a yard (so I bought a lot!).

For this project you will need a black window valance* (Target has discontinued this product, but Wal-Mart has several options under $12 online); ribbon and/or trim of your choice; fabric glue; fusible tape (available at fabric and craft stores); and an iron.

Decide on a design for your ribbon/trim. I kept this look simple with two bands of rick rack with a band of ribbon in between. Measure the width of the valance and add two inches; cut the ribbon/trim to that size.

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Following the instructions on the fusible tape, adhere the ribbon to the valance in the desired position/pattern. Leave one inch of ribbon overhanging the edge of the valance. Take care to make sure the ribbon is straight as you work your way across the width of the valance. (Use a ruler to periodically check, measuring the distance from the edge of the valance to the ribbon.) You should have one inch left over at the opposite edge. Turn the piece over and adhere the two end bits to the back of the valance.

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Repeat with remaining ribbon or trim. For this project, I used fabric glue to adhere the rick rack to the valance, following the instructions on the glue bottle and using the same one inch turn under on each end. I rather like the way it turned out! Here I’ve styled it with jack o’lantern jingle bells simply tied to the shower curtain rings with thin satin ribbon. Halloween accessories complete the look.

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*For fullness over a standard bathtub, use two valances. Carefully transfer the measurements for the design on the first completed valance to the second, to ensure continuity once they are hung.

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 So the question for you is: what simple accessories do YOU have around the house that, with some simple trimmings, can become Halloween accents for your home this year?