How to Shop for Gift Baskets: From Plain to Personalized

Posted by on October 11, 2013

One of my friends is having a baby (yay!). For her shower gift, I shopped from her registry at Babies R Us and selected items for baby’s bath and personal care. But rather than dump them into a box or wrap them individually, I decided to create a gift basket. So, off to Michaels craft store I went in search of the right basket.

I felt a little like Goldilocks in the basket aisle. Some baskets were too large, others were too small. Some were too expensive, while others were too, well, baby specific. I wanted something that would be useful and could either grow with the baby or be used in another room of mom and dad’s house.

Baby baskets

There, in the back of a shelf nearly hidden from view was a simple navy blue woven basket. At $10, it was priced right (less expensive than baby-specific containers), but it was a little plain I had to admit. Hmmm. What if I could embellish it somehow?

Baby basket and Hween 1013 002

I headed over the wood craft aisle where, lo and behold, I found painted wood shapes of palm trees, flowers, dolphins, dinosaurs … and rubber duckies. As many of the items on the gift registry featured whales and sea creatures, I had hoped for a whale, but thought the yellow duck looked great against the blue. At 59 cents, it was a no brainer. Sold!

To attach the duck and make it easy removable, I used one 3M Command® picture hanging strip (size small) and cut it in half. I placed it so the half with the removable tab would be on the basket, and the other part on the duck. So cute!

Duck basket

Next, I removed the whale bath towel and washcloths from their packaging but put the packaging in the bottom of the basket, just in case mom wants to return the items (I included a gift receipt in the card).

Baby basket and Hween 1013 010

Then, I added a layer of excelsior (you could use shredded paper) to fill the basket and provide height to the items.

Baby basket and Hween 1013 014

I arranged all of the items, and added a rubber duck and some travel-size toiletries to round out the gift.

Baby basket and Hween 1013 013

Finally, I used a cellophane gift basket bag (99 cents at Michaels) rather than trying to wrap it in a sheet of cellophane. Although this basket was on the small size, I needed a large bag; these bags seem to run small.

I used almost every color of curling ribbon I had to create a bow, and tied it on with the card to top off the gift basket.

It was super easy and very fun to create!

Baby basket and Hween 1013 021