Soup to Vase? Creating Home Decor in Minutes

Posted by on October 27, 2013

Soup Can Vase


Ever since I started blogging about home decor and holidays, I’ve been a big proponent of using what you have to decorate. This easy and fun project ticks all those boxes: it reuses something that would be headed for trash or recycling, plus leftover paper or a custom collage printed with your home printer.

It’s … a vase made from a soup can! If you’re on Pinterest at all (follow me here!), you’ve probably seen some iteration of this project, either as a utensil caddy for summer parties or as a pencil cup for a budget office makeover.

Yes, the simple soup can has a variety of uses! This year I’m decorating soup cans to use as vases—one in the powder room and one in the hall bath.

Soup Can Vase 3

For this project, you’ll need a clean, empty soup can. I prefer Progresso® cans with the tab top that leaves a clean, smooth edge.

You may use whatever decorative paper you desire—something that coordinates with your style and your décor. The hall bath features last year’s art project, and I’m covering the “vase” with the same wrapping paper I used for the artwork, and the trim coordinates with the shower curtain valance.

Soup Can Vase 2


This year my powder room has a vintage greeting card theme, so I created a vintage inspired wrap with clipart purchased from for $3. I just love the results!! I could use this wrap on a pillar candle, or a votive cup, or use it as a napkin ring.

Vintage collage wrap


See how I put together the collage (in under 10 minutes!) in this video:



Soup can
Black acrylic craft paint
Decorative paper
Double-sided tape
Ribbon/trim of choice

1. Paint the top edge of the can with the craft paint. (I noticed the Progresso® cans had a little rim at the top edge and I wanted to butt the paper right up to it for a smoother appearance.)

2. Measure the height (up to the top ridge) and diameter of the can. Transfer the measurements to a piece of decorative paper, adding ½ to the length (diameter) for overlap. Cut the paper to size.

3. Wrap the paper around the can and secure with double-sided tape, overlapping by ½ inch.

4. If desired, trim your “vase” with ribbon, rick rack – whatever coordinates with your décor.

5. Fill with orange roses and enjoy! For two arrangements I used two dozen roses from the grocery store. For a little change of texture, I added some twigs from the yard that I spray painted black, and included some of the filler included with the flowers.

So, how about some soup for dinner, and a quick craft project afterwards?

The vintage vase looks great in the powder room.

The vintage vase looks great in the powder room.