How to Make Your Hotel Room Feel Like Home

Posted by on March 26, 2014

Lately it seems that I’m traveling a lot! As in, every other week. After a while, all those hotel rooms start to look alike … and not a bit like home. So I decided to change that and pack a few little things that I can use to decorate my hotel room and make it a little more cozy.

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1. Scarves
Scarves are super packable, taking up very little space in your case. But they go a long way to personalizing an impersonal space. Tuck a couple of scarves in your suitcase (mine are permanently stored in there now!) and use them to cover tables, chairs, or nightstands.

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2. Flowers

OK so it’s not that easy to travel with flowers, unless you’re driving to your destination. I do drive a lot, so it’s easy to put an arrangement in an expensive vase from the dollar store (so I can leave it behind if need be).

If you’re flying, you can order yourself flowers from one of the national retailers (or check with your local florist for recommendation in your destination city) and have them waiting for you on arrival. Or, pick up a bouquet at a local shop after you land, and ask the front desk to send up a vase. If the hotel has a banquet department, they should have something you can use.

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3. Vanity tray

I have a silver tray on my vanity at home, and I thought, why should a hotel be any different? I like to keep my toiletries out on the counter when I travel, but it looks cluttered. So I found a lightweight metal tray at the dollar store that packs easily and brings a lot of style to the bathroom! To keep the counter less cluttered and a little prettier, I stash other necessities like hairbrushes and rollers in inexpensive but sumptuous looking bags that I found at Cottage Arts in Los Angeles’ Little India neighborhood.

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4. Candles

With an abundance of caution and reminders about safety, I like to light up a travel-size candle (Voluspa, about $13) when relaxing after a long day at a conference. Again both the candle and the matches “live” in my suitcase at home. (Less to remember to pack!)

5. Photos

If photos on your phone or computer aren’t enough, pack a couple of favorites in your bag to adorn your desk or nightstand when you’re away from loved ones. (Tip: Make a set of  “travel photos” by copying the originals and using inexpensive frames for your favorites.)

As the saying goes, “it’s the little things” that can make you feel more at home when you’re on the road.