8 Tips for Holiday Gift Giving to Save You Time and Money—Part 2

Posted by on November 5, 2017


Last week I gave you the first 4 tips for your holiday gift giving. Here’s the rest of the tips that are designed to save you time and money this holiday season.



5. Embrace one for all.


The idea here is everyone receives the same kind of gift. Talk about consolidating your holiday gift giving list! A visit to just two departments or a single website could satisfy your entire list.

A teddy bear Christmas c. 1983.

Probably the most magical and memorable Christmas my family ever had was the year that my mom decided that everyone—from my 7-year old cousin to my 65-year old aunt—would receive a teddy bear. But not just any teddy bear, a “personality bear” (many of which I understand were embroiled in a lawsuit by the personalities impersonated by the bears).

It was especially easy to wrap them—because they weren’t wrapped! My mom and I set them out around the living room with name tags. Finding your own bear was part of the fun on Christmas morning!

Other years, Mom would pick a general item for the girls and women, and another for the boys and men. Within that general category, she selected something that fit each person’s personality. For example, one year all the women folk received nightshirts and all the men received wallets. One of my favorite years was the one where all women received Coach purses.

A recent trend in the “all for one and one for all” gifting idea is getting the family together for dinner and a show (or, the more inexpensive option, lunch and a matinee). It helps create a sense of family, it’s festive and it creates shared memories which are the best gifts of all.

Other great family gifts include a subscription to an online movie services or a “fruit of the month” club—each of which continue to give throughout the year.

6. Harness the power of the Internet.

Recently I was watching a show on BBC that traced the development of digital currency, and I was shocked at how recent so much of the technology of online shopping really is. Can it be that the iPhone was only introduced 10 years ago?  Click here for a brief recap of e-commerce from the National Retail Federation.

Now of course everyone seems to have a smartphone and consumer behavior has radically shifted to mobile shopping and online cashless payment.

Attendees at Shop.org—e-commerce’s annual convention—say that smartphones aren’t just for browsing, and they’re the best point of contact between a merchant and a shopper.

Simply put, more people are shopping online and via apps these days and skipping the malls and big box stores. With exclusive online merchandise and sales, periodic free shipping promotions and the option of delivering the gift directly to your recipient, what’s not to love?

Plus, you’re not tied down to regular store hours—perfect for the busy person! You can shop in your robe at 2 a.m. and still find just the right gift for everyone.

Another way to use the Internet to save you time is to comparison shop online before heading out to survey several stores for the best deal. In addition, many retailers allow you to order and purchase online and pick the item up at a store if you need it right away or want to save on shipping.

Personally, I love the convenience of buying online and picking up in the store, and use it frequently, even for everyday items.

Remember to download your free gift tracker to keep your holiday gift giving on track, because being organized is key to a lower-stress holiday!


7. Ask adults for a “bye.”

For better or worse, holiday gift giving has become an expectation—even if we never use the gift card or you put that too-small sweater right into the donation bin.

But sometimes (even following the tips in my book), you may run out of steam or ideas for gifts for everyone on your usual list.

As bizarre as it may sound, ask each of the grownups on your list if the two of you could not exchange gifts this year. After all, the holidays spark the most wonderment for children, so keep them on your list.

You may be surprised at how relieved and agreeable the adults are! Instead of gifts, take the money you would have spent and donate it to a local charity that provides food and gifts for the needy in your area.

8. Use a system to find the perfect gift.

To paraphrase Maya Angelou, it’s how you leave them feeling.

How do you feel when someone gives you a gift that is just “you”—your style, your color, your interests? It feels great, doesn’t it? Like, wow, this person gets me. They know me.

We feel special, seen and understood when we receive the perfect gift.

Wouldn’t you love to give people that feeling with your holiday gift giving?

Find the perfect gift, gift giving made easy for holidays and beyond.

It is possible to find the perfect gift; all you need is a system! In Gift Giving for Busy People, I give you a simple but effective series of questions that all lead you to the perfect gift for anyone on your holiday gift giving list, and on any budget.

It can take just minutes to run through the questions, and readers all over the country have gotten great results using the method in Gift Giving for Busy People.

Recently, a reader sent me a message on Facebook, saying that, she had been giving her friends the same present for their birthdays (that’s the “one for all” concept in action!) for a year. Now she needed a new idea for this next year of birthdays starting with her first recipient, who loves to bake cookies for her son and friends.

“I was having a tough time coming up with a new idea, so I looked through your eBook and thinking through her hobbies was just the ticket.I went to Barnes & Noble and got her a recipe book with lots of gorgeous photos of cookies. She loved it and said her son was telling her he was tired of the same old cookies. They like the photos so he can point out which ones he’d like her to make, and she’s planning to try a few new ones this weekend. Just wanted to say thanks!”

What are you waiting for? Find the perfect gifts this holiday season! And don’t forget to download your free holiday gift giving tracker to write down all of the gift ideas you’ll have once you read the book!

All of the tips in this series were adapted from Gift Giving for Busy People which goes more in depth on finding the perfect gift for anyone on your holiday gift giving list. You can get the Kindle version for a limited time for only $1.99!