How to Have a Focused and Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Posted by on November 13, 2017

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, thoughts turn to the stress that holidays can bring … and how to avoid that stress this year! We still have time to make a plan to get focused and breeze through Turkey Day (relatively) unscathed. Here’s how!



One of the best, surest solutions for busy people on a busy week like the days before Thanksgiving is to use a timeline and/or a checklist.

So I’ve come up with the Thanksgiving Countdown to help you navigate through last-minute details and help you make sense of everything that needs to be done. And it’s free!

The Countdown includes essential tasks from shopping to homekeeping for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and then a full-blown hour-by-hour schedule for Turkey Day. Plus, this year I’ve included directions on how to roast a turkey, including a roasting timetable.

My goal is to help you arrive at your own dinner table a little less stressed and filled with gratitude for the gathering of family and friends. Download your copy of the Thanksgiving Countdown here.

And don’t forget all the resources available to you in the Etsy shop, including the more expansive and comprehensive Thanksgiving Planner. I’ve included suggestions on organizing your time and resources, setting a gorgeous holiday table, and of course lots of space to write out your plans for:

  • The guest list
  • The Thanksgiving table
  • Menu planning and budget
  • Shopping list
  • Thanksgiving decorations

And lots more — like getting ready for Black Friday with a gift list planner and a holiday card organizer. It’s only available on Etsy. Click the graphic below to learn more!

Thanksgiving planner for a stress-free Thanksgiving

I’ll be giving more tips and last-minute solutions on social media over the next ten days, so be sure to follow Smart Solutions for Busy People on Facebook and Instagram.

Sending you lots of love and wishes for a peaceful, joyful and grateful Happy Thanksgiving.