How to Wrap the Perfect Gift

Posted by on March 12, 2018

How to wrap the perfect gift - Smart Solutions for Busy People


Presenting a memorable gift is like building a house—it all starts with a good foundation. Here, the foundation is well-wrapped gift box.

Now, I know what you’re thinking:  “But a gift bag is so easy!” I agree that gift bags are convenient, and I have no issue using them for odd-shaped items or multiple small items. And, there’s just something about a beautifully wrapped gift that seems to say, “Something special is inside.” Not to mention the thrill of ripping open the paper, am I right?

It occurs to me that maybe the reason so many of us take the gift bag route to wrapping, is that we never really learned how to wrap a gift. So, here you go … in just a few steps you’ll have crisp corners and a gift ready for any occasion.

1. Position the box on the paper, placing the box upside down on the paper. Wrap the paper around the box, overlapping 1 ½ to 2 inches. The paper on the ends should be two-thirds the height of the box.

How to wrap a gift - 8 easy steps


2. Wrap the paper around the box, overlapping 1 ½ to 2 inches.


3. Cut the paper to size.


4. Before wrapping the paper around the box, fold under one edge of the paper for a neat appearance.


5. Wrap the paper around the box and secure with a piece of tape at the seam.


6. Fold down one end of the paper over the side of the box and crease. Holding the paper against the side of the box, make crisp creases creating a triangular shape.


7. Fold the triangles into the side of the box and crease. Turn up the edge of the remaining flap.


8. Fold up the flap and secure with two pieces of tape, one on each side. (If it’s a small box, you may be able to use one piece of tap in the middle of the flap. A longer end may need an additional piece of tape in the middle.) Repeat on the other end of the box.





Now you’re ready to embellish with ribbon, tulle, rafia, attachments … anything that will make the gift that much more special. (Some cute and easy ideas in this post.)

To learn more about what to wrap – i.e., how to find the perfect gift, check out Gift Giving for Busy People, now available in a Kindle edition!

More tips:

• Always use a hard surface to wrap (i.e., not a bed or sofa). The resistance and support of the hard surface allows you to create the crispest folds and creases.
• Use quality wrapping paper to avoid the paper tearing at the corners. Look for paper that has a grid printed on the back to help make even cuts.
• If you have double-sided tape, use it. It adds a level of polish and professionalism.
• If you don’t have a tape dispenser, pre-cut strips of tape about 1 to 1 ½ inches and line them up on the edge of the table.
• Do not tape the paper down to the box. People hate opening boxes wrapped that way.
• Likewise, do not tape the box closed. That’s even more annoying when you’re trying to get to the prize inside.