Chic Halloween Decorations

Posted by on Oct 17, 2010

A new craft superstore opened recently in my town, and there I found a glossy black papier-mache pumpkin with a silver spider web design. There were several other designs, but that was my favorite. What a cool twist for Halloween decorating, I thought, until I saw the price tag: $19.99. Here’s my budget-minded take.

At first I couldn’t find spider web tissue paper (I saw some at Target last week), but I did find this black and silver hounds tooth design at Hallmark, which I thought gave a more modern, upscale approach to a Halloween icon. Total cost was $5 for the pumpkin and 25 cents worth of tissue. Even if you have to buy a new bottle of decoupage medium, you’re still under $10 for the entire project, less than half of retail. Customize this to coordinate with your home décor!


1 medium craft pumpkin (available at craft stores)

1 sheet of patterned tissue paper

Decoupage medium

Foam brush

Acrylic paints (optional)

1. If desired, paint the pumpkin stem to coordinate with your tissue paper design. Allow to dry.

2. Make an “X” in the middle of the tissue paper with an X-acto® knife or scissors. Dry fit the tissue paper over the stem of the pumpkin and smooth the paper. Cut away the bulk of the excess; you’ll trim it better later. Remove the paper.

3. Coat the pumpkin with the decoupage medium. Fit the tissue paper over the stem and smooth down the paper, adhering it to the pumpkin. Apply a top coat of decoupage medium, smoothing the paper as you work around the pumpkin. Gently smooth the paper around the stem, using additional decoupage medium as needed.

4. For the bottom of the pumpkin, trim excess paper and pleat the paper around the bottom “core,” using additional decoupage medium to keep the paper down. Your hands will get sticky! (Hint: Use the side of your thumb, a burnishing tool or anything smooth and rounded to crease the paper in the pumpkin creases.) Invert the pumpkin on a drinking glass and allow to dry completely.

Here are more chic decorating ideas:

- Deepen your palette. Instead of child-like bright oranges and purples, try deeper shades such as pumpkin, persimmon and plum.

- Lots of black. Lucky for us, black is a Halloween staple, and it’s also a very chic color for home decorating. Every room should have a little black every day of the year!

- Lace can be good. When I was in kindergarten I dressed up as a vampiress and my mom put a black lace veil on me. I thought I was very sophisticated! Today, several retailers have created Halloween-inspired lace drapery panels, table-toppers, mantle scarves and more with bat, spider and skeleton designs woven in the lace. Any one of these can add a subtle bit of spirit to your home.

- Add some shine. Mix in silver-toned accents to your Halloween displays. It provides just enough shine and can amplify your Halloween-inspired color scheme.

- Think small. Just a touch here and there can have a big impact. Look for seasonal pillows for a couch or bed, a pumpkin-shaped candle holder in a metallic finish, or a black and silver bejeweled picture frame for your favorite costume photo.