Memorial Day

Slow Down for Memorial Day

Posted by on May 26, 2012

Nearly every time one of my parents was a passenger while I was driving, Mom or Dad inevitably scream, “Slow down!” while grabbing the handle of the door and bracing for an invisible impact.

This Memorial Day weekend, though, it’s good advice for every driver. Statistically, the number of drivers who run red lights is 27 percent higher than average weekends — the highest of any holiday period. A study by the National Coalition for Safer Roads found that Memorial Day weekend produced 26,787 red light violations in 18 states. And, generally speaking, more red light violations occur in the afternoon from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. than any other time period.

Experts say the reason for the increase in red light violations is impatient drivers, eager to reach their holiday destinations.

But for all the time you think you might be saving by running a red light, consider this: if you’re caught, either by a red light camera or a watchful law enforcement officer, it might actually cost you time in the long run. Think about the extra time:

- being pulled over;
- talking to your insurance agent;
- talking to a lawyer to appear in court;
-talking to court personnel;
- appearing in court;
- waiting on line to pay a fine; and
- attending traffic school.

What busy person can afford all of that extra time? Not to mention the financial costs of a fine, court fees and possibly attorney’s fees.

So, this weekend, allow extra travel time to account of increased traffic on the roadways; follow traffic laws and signals; and arrive to your holiday party or getaway on time, less stressed and primed to enjoy the long weekend!

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